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Delicious Appalam since 1980

ARS foods is the papad manufacturing company which was started in 1980’s by Mr.R.Ramasamy then it was headed by Mr.R.Sagadevan now in the 3rd generation’s hand of Mr.S.Yoganath BE.,

This company maintains papad’s traditional values along with quality & hygenity. ARS Papad Company now has its 100 employees of excellence to make themselves as best papad manufactures in Tamilnadu as well as in India.

ARS foods produce varieties of papads like Jeera/cumin, paper, garlic, masala papads. ARS papad named for its quality & deliciousness. These best papads are supplied both for domestic and international cutomers.ARS foods plays various roles like papad suppliers, whole sellers as well as papad exporters.

With 35 years of excellence in papad with the best quality we can proudly say that “we are the proud manufacturers of papad”.





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